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Mode Brutale

Black Sweater with Spiked Shoulders and Drop Waist Harness Closure

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Black sweater with spiked PVC/rubber shoulders and drop waist rubber harness closure 


  • black sweater (vegan)
  • metal spikes
  • stainless steel o-ring
  • neoprene rubber
  • pvc 


  • black
  • silver


  • one size fits med-large (also would look great oversized)
  • approx. 21" laying flat (also has stretch), 39”long - would not recommend for over 44” low waist

This revamped black sweater is warm and a great layering piece. The spiked PVC/rubber shoulders is a great contrast of shiny and matte black, and the drop waist harness closure makes this a very genderless sweater. Gently hand wash and hang dry only.


Please note:

These items are ONE OF A KIND and are pre-made, and available in the size listed only. They are modified from gently used vintage and resale, or special one-of-a-kind items that can not be easily reproduced. That being said, PLEASE EMAIL with any custom requests based on any of these styles, as I'm happy to accommodate and make you something "similar" or "inspired by" in your specific size! Prices and materials will vary.