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Mode Brutale

Black PVC Vinyl Fashion Corset with Metal Plating

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Black pvc vinyl fashion corset with metal plating


  • black pvc/vinyl fashion corset with plastic zippered front
  • industrial grade aluminum
  • metal spikes
  • 100% vegan 


  • black and silver


  • This is a FASHION corset, so it is not intended for waist training, tight-lacing or heavy duty waist reduction. 
  • This is suitable for a size large and measures at 30" across closed, and would be suitable for a 32"-36" waist, depending on how much of a gap you want in the back. 


This revamped black vinyl and metal spiked corset says "hands off" but at the same time is so alluring! Perfect for goth, fetish, punk, or metal looks. Please gently hand wash and hang dry for care.


*Very important: This is a FASHION corset and is not intended for waist training, tight lacing or drastic reductions. This would be a great piece for someone just starting out in the corset world, or someone not looking for heavy reduction. IF you would like to invest in a truly well made premium high quality corset that will last you a lifetime, Mode Brutale is teaming up with Bone and Busk Couture and we can collaborate to make you a very special piece of high fashion. Due to the cost of labor and materials, these pieces would be for someone looking for a premium piece, and the pricing will vary depending on what you would like. Custom pieces are only available as time allows, please message with any questions. 


Please note:

These items are ONE OF A KIND and are pre-made, and available in the size listed only. They are modified from gently used vintage and resale, or special one of a kind items that can not be easily reproduced. Please message for any custom requests. Prices and availability will vary.