About Mode Brutale

Mode Brutale is a small one-woman run business and creation by artist Jody Krevens based in Chicago, Illinois. She has a BFA from the Columbus College of Art Design, with some fashion design training, but more of an emphasis in Fine Art/Sculpture. 

"I wanted to create a more wearable line of fashion that was still in the aesthetic vein of my previous work. I incorporate metal, rubber, plastics, other industrial materials and jewelry techniques to make unique statement accessories. Everything is handmade and limited run. No two pieces are exactly alike, right down to the hand screen printed boxes the items are shipped in.

Mode Brutale is designed to be a completely inclusive brand, and seeks to make something for everyone, regardless of gender or size, and items are custom made to order. Inspired by dark aesthetics, fetish fashion and underground music subcultures, Mode Brutale is for the underdogs!

Mode Brutale is 100% vegan, and tries to use recycled materials whenever possible, and believes in reusing packing materials. 

Mode Brutale (pronounced mOd broo-tahl) means "brutal fashion", and the choice to wear extreme materials such as metal and rubber is not for everyone. These aren't meant to be soft and cozy; they are meant for those looking to make a statement and who are drawn to the allure of unusual wearable materials. Both darkly provocative and coldly protective, wear Mode Brutale at your own risk! ;)"