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Mode Brutale

Death Cult Face Chain

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Gunmetal face chain with ear cuffs and rubber "feathers"


  • gunmetal brass flat face chain
  • gunmetal alloy ear cuff
  • gunmetal chain
  • butyl rubber


  • gunmetal and black


  • small  9.5"- 10.5" from start of ear to ear, no slack
  • medium 11"-12" from start of ear to ear, no slack 
  • large 12.5"-13.5" from start of ear to ear, no slack
  • Choose whichever half inch increment you are closest to, but PLEASE ROUND DOWN. It’s now been made to be adjustable to fit within a range and can be adjusted to fit larger (and great if you want to wear over a bulky facemask!)


I wanted to create a face chain that had more of a "dark warrior" vibe, so I opted for a darker gunmetal toned chain and black rubber. This type of chain is commonly used in face chain pieces because it is lightweight and lays flat. It's connected to ear cuffs at the beginning of each ear with lobster clasps, so you can adjust it to fit larger as needed by adjusting where you connect the clasp to the chain. The face chain part is now removable, so you can also wear the ear cuffs by themselves for a different look! The rubber is cut in such a way that to me it sort of resembles "feathers" but is, of course, is a vegan-friendly version.

How to measure:

*take a tape measure and start at the beginning part of where your tragus of your ear is, and pull it across over your nose (no slack) to the other side (see photo). Pull it across your face and choose the size closest to yours, taking extra care to not measure too large. Most people have been measuring at a 10.5”-11”. It is now adjustable to make it larger if it needs any small adjustments. Feel free to email with any questions, or a photo of you with the tape measure on your face if you are uncertain. I am happy to help! 

*if you don't have measuring tape, use a piece of string, mark it and then measure it using a ruler.

** may contain nickel, not suitable for nickel allergies