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Men's Metal Plate with Spikes Moto Jacket

Men's Metal Plate with Spikes Moto Jacket

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Men's cut XL with metal plates and spikes moto jacket


  • men's cut XL pleather moto jacket, 100% vegan
  • aluminum
  • metal spikes


  • black and silver


  • men's XL, cropped moto fit
  • chest approx. 46", length 26.5"


I love that this is a harder edge version of a spiked collar moto jacket! The metal plates really give it a hard edge and unique look. It would be perfect for goth, industrial, cyberpunk, metal, punk or an overall unique style. This particular jacket was made from an XL pleather jacket, but I'm open to recreating this look on any size, so message me for custom orders! 


Please note:

These items are ONE OF A KIND and are pre-made, and available in the size listed only. They are modified from gently used vintage and resale, or special one-of-a-kind items that can not be easily reproduced. That being said, PLEASE EMAIL with any custom requests based on any of these styles, as I'm happy to accommodate and make you something "similar" or "inspired by" in your specific size! Prices and materials will vary. 


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