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Mode Brutale

Electric Barbarella Harness Bra

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Silver metal spike full coverage harness bra


  • industrial grade aluminum
  • heavy duty spikes
  • repurposed stainless steel base
  • heavy duty chain and stainless o-rings


  • silver


  • standard - this will fit anyone from 30"-38" underbust, and from completely flat chested (drag) to a DDD (F) cup (cup measures at 5 3/4" in diameter)
  • full figure - this will fit anyone from a 38"- 48" underbust, and from a completely flat chested (drag) to DDD (F) cup size ( and maybe larger, especially if you have a larger than F cup and a smaller underbust size) (cup measures at 6" in diameter)
  • These are very deep cups and give an illusion of a large chest, without having to completely fill out the cup. This offers full coverage (if not complete coverage) and pretty good support with the weight bearing on your neck, but you may want to wear something underneath if you need additional support or for comfort. This is a fashion top and can be worn alone or on top of shirt as a harness. 


This is a deep cup metal spiked bra, perfect for someone looking for a Barbarella meets industrial cyberpunk aesthetic. It has an adjustable halter fit and offers full coverage on most! 

This item is made to fit YOUR size, so please provide all measurements and sizes in the comment section when ordering and I will do my best to accommodate. If your size is not represented, please email me directly as I will try my best to make it happen for you! 

Please note:

Each metal bra is unique as they are each handmade and not made in a factory, and therefore are perfectly imperfect. They are made from industrial grade metal and not meant to be super polished and perfect like junk chrome plated fashion jewelry. They embody a more rugged industrial style, and are made with strong materials. There are limited quantities in stock or they are available as a PRE-ORDER. Please send your measurements along with your order in the check out comments. Allow an additional 3-4 weeks for any pre-orders.