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Mode Brutale

Release the Bats Rubber Harness

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Black rubber belted bat harness


  • industrial grade neoprene rubber
  • stainless hardware
  • steel bat
  • heavy duty chain
  • 100% vegan


  • black and silver


  • neck size is adjustable to fit up to 20"
  • measure above your bust
  • measure your true waist (smallest)

Spooky kids rejoice, your bat fetish harness is here! Made out of black rubber, this buckled belt harness is made to order to fit YOUR measurements! Please order your size based on your true waist size (see FAQ page on how to measure your true waist) and message at check out in the comment box your ABOVE bust measurement.

Please note:

Each harness is unique as they are each handmade and not made in a factory, and therefore are perfectly imperfect. They are made from industrial grade rubber, and not meant to be super polished and perfect like fast fashion you will find in the stores. They embody a more rugged industrial style, and are made with strong materials. This is made to order, and even though the rubber does stretch, it's best to measure accurately. Measure your true waist (the smallest high waist point above your belly button) and your above bust measurement (this is under your arm pits but upper chest measurement). Order based on your WAIST size, and add your upper bust measurement in the check out comments. Please allow up to 2-3 weeks for production.