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  • Rubber o-ring and chain bat belt deathrock tradgoth goth punk men's belt batcave industrial horror punk
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Mode Brutale

The Batcave Belt

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Industrial metal hardware, bat and rubber belt 

Materials used:

  • industrial-grade neoprene rubber
  • recycled butyl tire rubber
  • nickel plated bats
  • stainless steel o-rings
  • heavy-duty chain
  • cotton
  • 100% vegan, no leather!


  • black and silver


  • traditional 1 1/2" belt

This is Mode Brutale's take on a traditional style belt, but with bats, o-rings and chains! It was inspired by the 80's London Batcave scene, and it is the perfect belt for all of you trad goth/death rock fans!  It has a *detatchable* slashed fabric webbing, inspired by Alien Sex Fiend stage shows. It's built to last as rubber won't crack like traditional leather or pleather belts!

This is made to order, and in your size, so please refer to what your "normal" belt size would be, or measure where you plan on wearing it (like through your belt loops). Belt size tends to be 2” larger than your pant size. (Like if you wear a size 34 pant, order a size 36 belt. But reference your own belts at home as this can vary.) Choose a size listed below, or email for custom size ordering, I'm more than happy to accommodate. 

Please note:

Each belt is unique as they are each handmade and not made in a factory, and therefore are perfectly imperfect. They are made from industrial grade metal and rubber, and not meant to be super polished and perfect like fast fashion you will find in the stores. They embody a more rugged industrial style, and are made with strong materials. This is made to order, and even though the rubber does stretch, it's best to reference standard belt sizing. Please allow up to 2 weeks for production.